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    Kangqi Electrical Appliances was awarded the winner of the 2015 Zhejiang Washing Machine Product Quality Comparison


    On December 11, a press conference on the results of the quality comparison of washing machines sponsored by the Ningbo Household Appliances Association was held in Cixi Zhongyi Business Hotel. Nearly 40 people from 26 washing machine manufacturers, quality inspection institutions, news media and other units in the province Representatives participated in this conference. In this quality comparison project, Kangqi Washing Machine stood out and became one of the few companies that won the "Excellent Unit" this time.

        During the meeting, Luo Libo, our company's washing machine quality engineer, shared and exchanged experience on how to improve the quality of washing machine products with the quality leaders of the relevant companies present. Since its establishment, Kangqi Company has been taking "internal strong quality, exquisite appearance; conscientious enterprise, and exquisite materials" as its product manufacturing concept, and strictly controls the product materials and quality process control. The product quality is praised in the market sales process Such as tide.

       Through this quality comparison, we have become more soberly aware that today, when the market competition is more fierce, we must do a better job of product quality. Only by doing a good job of product quality can companies be permanently invincible.