Corporate purposes:

Health and fashion are synchronized, creating an infinitely better life.

Enterprise spirit:

Unity and hard work, peace of mind, high quality and efficiency, striving for first-class.

Quality policy:

The details are as perfect as possible, showing the best quality and meeting customer needs.

Enterprise's goal:

Create a first-class international enterprise and strive to travel around the world.

Direction of development:

Technological innovation leads the pulse of the market, and environmental protection creates a green mainstream.

Business philosophy:

Brand and quality are synchronized, and talent and career advance together.

Business strategy:

Brand-oriented, both domestic and international markets.

Management philosophy:

Advocating responsibility, advocating competition, pursuing quality, benefit, innovation and progress, team professionalism, modernization, efficiency and efficiency.

Value view:

First-class enterprises come from first-class quality.

Service philosophy:

Concentration, professionalism and trust.


Concentrate on the home appliance industry, build the world's top level, let human taste fashionable and healthy life.


Take the road of professional development, with the world's top professional technical team, professional equipment, professional testing, professional manufacturing.


Establish the brand image of home appliance experts and provide expert products and services to consumers.